Halloween Pop-Up Shop, Oct 1st 2015

Greetings Friends! 

Have you missed us? We've been missing you too! Fortunately, we've come up with a great way to remedy this conundrum while celebrating one of our favorite holidays at the same time: we're hosting a Halloween Pop-Up Shop!! 

Since we had such a fun time teaming up with Melissa Bauman for last year's Halloween room, we've decided to do it again. Our wonderful friends at Stardust Antiques let us loose in their space, so that's where we'll be! As a bonus, owner Yolanda Davis recently partnered with the lovely Maura Cannon who opened up a second "Homestretch" inside the Stardust building--if you don't remember the original store on 19th street, or if you have never been to The Homestretch, you are in for a real treat!!

Our opening night party is Thursday October 1st. We'll have cocktails and live jazz to help us all get into the swing of Halloween. Our pop-up shop will be up for the month of October (the store is open on the weekends).  See the invite below for shop hours and details.

Thursday, Oct 1st, 7-10 pm
Stardust Antiques
1129 E. 11th Street
Houston, TX 77008