A Mighty Friend

Many of us who have pets know that the bonds of love can be as strong as any.  We know going into the relationship that we will most likely outlive them, but our pets are like our children in every other way.  We give them love and care and a great life... and they give us back so much in return. 

Our good friends Carole Smith (of McCheek's Ceramics) and Sean Flournoy (Carole's husband) have a wonderful cat-baby named Mighty, who is in need of some extra care and help.  

About two months ago, Carole found a lump on Mighty's side and took him to the vet.  Upon examination, the vet recommended surgery.  The surgery revealed that the lump was Melanoma, which is extremely rare in cats.  Very shortly after the surgery, while the incision was still healing, another lump appeared in the same place.  Carole and Sean took Mighty to Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital where a series of tests were done and another surgery was performed.  

The oncologist felt that the Melanoma had not spread, and that by removing the new tumor, Mighty could have a chance.  Sadly, days after the second surgery was performed, a new lump was found in Mighty's lymph node. Mighty has now entered the stage of life known as "palliative care." 

Mighty is a sweet and loving cat who has only had four wonderful years with Carole and Sean. As you can imagine, this process has been incredibly hard emotionally as well as financially for them. Please help us ease the burden for our friends by purchasing some of the "Mighty" themed items at our market.  All proceeds will go towards giving Mighty the best care he can get and will help keep him comfortable in what time he has left with his "Mom and Dad"